Itty Bitty





"Reel eMotion Pictures"

The Beginning


Itty Bitty Productions was formed out of a need, as many start-up companies are, by a nonprofit to upgrade marketing, development and services to the current video, social media, You Tube, age. The problem was money.


Talking with the directors one of them who had previous experience in the film industry, checked with other small nonprofits and found many in the same situation. Resources were pooled and in 2009 Itty Bitty was born. It was a slow and painful start, but it is here today and ready to help small businesses and small nonprofits in NW Arkansas and SW Missouri get their messages out at a cost that doesn’t require a line of credit with Bank of America.


If you represent a nonprofit with an annual income under $250,000 or a privately owned small business please give us a call or email and we can visit and see if our services, products and prices fit your needs AND your budget.


Our offices are near Osage, Arkansas with our studio in Green Forest.

Itty Bitty Productions is a subsidiary of the Merlin Foundation (click here)

The Original Ms. Itty Bitty

Anita Engert and Merlin Leach


Boss and Crew @ Eureka Springs,

White Street Artist Walk ...2010